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Raquel Bolaños (Rakeu) is a Costa Rican artist and environmental activist.   Her art is personal and also aiming to support environmental and human regeneration.  Raquel holds a Master in Environmental Studies in York University, where she focused in water defense and the use of arts as a counter hegemonic tool (Arts of resistance).

She is exploring new ways of expression such as documentary film making, participatory murals and digital arts.  Recently creating NFTS as a way to abundantly support her creative endeavours.

Solo Exhibits

2003. Courts of Justice, Pérez Zeledón


2004.  MEP (Ministry of Education) Pérez Zeledón


           ULATINA (Latin University), Pérez Zeledón


2009.  El Gato sin Dueño cafe (The lonely cat café), Pérez Zeledón


           Citrus restaurant, Ojochal, Puntarenas


2010.  1887 Gallery, San José


           Galería Verde de Aranjuez (Green Gallery of Aranjuez), San José


           San Gerardo de Rivas Community Center


            First Avenue Café. San José


            Cultural Center, Municipality of Pérez Zeledón

             Paso de la Danta Sustainability School. Socorro de Platanares


            EARTH University, Guápiles


             PANI, San José


2016    Feria del Productor Generaleño (Pérez Zeledón farmers market)

2018    Encuentro Ecofeminista (Eco Feminist national meeting) UNED. Montes de OCA 

             Corn and Vandana Shiva large-format painting

2018     Escuela de la Tierra (Earth School). Longo Mai. Vida large-format painting

2019     Crossroads Gallery, Toronto, Canadá



Collective exhibits


2003   Banco de Costa Rica (Costa Rica Banc) Pérez Zeledón


            Cultural Center, Municipality of Pérez Zeledón


            UMCA (Castro Carazo University) Pérez Zeledón


            UNA (National University) Heredia


2009    Festival Nacional de las Artes (National arts festival) Pérez Zeledón


             Auction for Komen organization, Austin, Texas.


2010    Somos Sur Festival (We are the south Festival) Coto Brus

             Inauguration of the national designers association. San José


2011    Festival Nacional de las Artes (National arts festival) Guapiles


             Galería Verde de Aranjuez (Green gallery of Aranjuez) San José

             TEC (Technologic Institute of Costa Rica) Cartago

             Envision Festival,  Dominical, Puntarenas

             Auction for Global Kids San José

             Collective Errante, Poisoned Bottles cardboard sculptures, Pérez Zeledón

2014     Escazu Women's Association Forum.  Escazú


2017     Envision Festival. Uvita

              Expo PZ Festival.  Pérez Zeledón

              Farmers Market in Pérez Zeledón

2018    Tinamastes Farmers Market

             Pérez Zeledón Farmers Market

             Hotel de Sur (South Hotel) Pérez Zeledón


2019     Storm Petals Collective,  Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery. Ontario





Art Activism



Corn Mandala.  Installation made with corn plants with fluorescent spray as a critic for 

The GMO and the high use of pesticides in the agro-industry.  To celebrate that

Pérez Zeledón was declared as a GMO-free territory.



Stickers and Illustrations to protect the native corns.




Corn Mandala, spray intervention on a cornfield.

Illustrations and sticker campaign to support local farming, this was released during the been producers protests in San Isidro. The farmers did not found a market to sell their

production since the country was importing 70% of the beans consumed.

Illustrations and sticker campaign to protect the rivers against hydroelectric expansion.




Justice for Jairo.  Art installation at the courts of justice, to protest for the absence of justice after the murder of Jairo Mora, an activist that was working in turtle conservation.

Live painting in solidarity with Finca Changuena farmers protests.

Agricultura, big format canvas. One truck covered with the 3 large canvas was in the

Middle of the farmer's protests at the Presidential house, this mobilization happened after

the impacts of the implementation of trade agreements.


Las Piedras Hablan.  River rock intervention with Movimiento Ríos Vivos de Costa Rica.


Live Painting of Agricultura big farm


La Venenosa. The poison one, Big format paintings critiquing pineapple expansion, this action was made collectively with students of the course Environmental Arts and Food 

Sovereignty, of York University.  The canvas was taken in a protest organized by 

Bloque Verde in San José.

Live painting at Hotel del Sur.  



Agricultura, live painting of the Farmer's big format canvas. at the Feria del Agricultor, 

Pérez Zeledón.

Gallo pinto.  It is a collective big format painting made together with students of the course Environmental Arts and Food Sovereignty of York University and Farmers from la Feria del Agricultor in Pérez Zeledón and Tinamastes.  This painting shows the 

Statistics of beans and rice imports in Costa Rica according to the MEIC.

Vida. Life is the transformation of one of the paintings of la Venenosa that was a symbol

of death and the poison after pineapple.  "Life" transformed this landscape into one full

of hope and life. The big format painting is taken into environmental meetings, and a time-lapse video of the transformation was shared in social media.

Costa Rican tourist postcards to critique the implementation of regressive environmental

Laws at the congress, (mining, oil extraction referendum, pineapple expansion)

Gallo pinto Globalizado.  A short film about the search for the origin of the beans of the Gallo pinto, a traditional meal. Interviewing people and experts. 




Pintemos a Berta.   Collective mural painting, sharing the files through the internet allowing People to replicate the action.  The first two were painted at the Lounge of the Faculty

of Environmental Studies at York University of Canadá,  and at the University of Costa Rica.

Mapeo Socioambiental, Longo Mai. This socio-environmental mapping can show the

Space took by pineapple industry comparing the rural landscape and their different

uses of the land to the agro-industrial desert. This mapping was collectively created with

Students of the course Environmental Arts and Food Sovereignty of York University,

And with participants of the Farmers Market in Pérez Zeledón and the ExpoCobas in

Quizarrá.  The canvas is back to Longo Mai where community members will continue

with the mapping.

La Madre Niña.   Collective mural painting.  The files are available for print on the

Internet.  In Costa Rica, yearly hundreds of children with only 11-14 years become

Mothers every year.  A conservatory society is good at hiding sexual child abuse.

Documentary Film making


Desafiando la Hegemonia.    


This documentary gathers stories of water defenders of Costa Rica that unified and blocked the construction of 17 hydroelectric dams.

This film was a part of Raquel's research project for a Master in Environmental Studies in York University Toronto,  where she researched about water privatization and defense, going deep into the understanding of hegemonic control and power dynamics around the privatization of natural resources.


Terra ba 

-Under construction-  . Jerhy Rivera was murdered to recover his ancestral lands.    A year after his death hi family prepared 5 days commemoration to turn their pain, into light and justice for the Broran people.

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