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Berta´s drawing is part of the project “Murales Colectivos” (Collective Murals), the first one was painted in the FES lounge with the collaboration of Fatín Chaudhury and Sergio Guerra, FES students and community members.  The collective painting of Berta was replicated at the Universidad de Costa Rica (University of Costa Rica). These images are available to download and print online at

Painting Berta is an action in solidarity with water defenders who are taking a stand to protect life despite the risks. In Latin América alone over 50 water defenders were murdered between the years 2000 and 2017; Berta Cáceres was one of them, this Honduran indigenous leader, environmental activist and winner of the Goldman Award, was killed while she was fighting against a hydroelectric dam.  


There is a connection between hydroelectric expansion, wildfires on the Amazons, environmental exploitation and displacement; it is called capitalism.  This endless consumption system adds an intense pressure in rural and indigenous communities all over the world that stand up to defend their natural resources, their land and their way of life. Berta is a symbol of many struggles, and this mural and video have the purpose of opening a space for reflection on environmental conflicts. But they also invite us to reflect on the impact of our actions, no matter how small.

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