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Manantial del Corazón

Photography courtesy of CENART


Part of RUTAS latin american Festival, this play highlights cultural issues such as violence, and gender. And explains the secret world of midwife's, the myths related to birth, and death, and religion as a way to resist the pain along the way. The symbols used were strong - being from central america could identify myself with the situations presented- but not only me, the visual language engaged the crowd -english speakers-.

It opens new ways to talk the hard topics and tabues with honesty, the taste on the mouth was bitter sweet, from a place in the world where beauty and brutality coexist.

After the pain, there comes the light, a baby that must have a Mayan Baptism, godfathers and godmothers from the crowd giving an object, that represents some good wish for the baby. For example, a shoe, wishing the baby a life full of freedom and that she might go where she wants to, I have the baby a bracelet with two eagles one flying north and the other flying south, wishing her to get the best of both worlds. Smiles like water washing away all the suffer, that is what babies do… maybe that's why we tend to have many daughters and sons, we need their smiles.

Back in Costa Rica and my participatory project and my work with the communities, It comes to my mind the importance of symbols, that must be found in community, this symbols have to mean something deep. Ríos Vivos looks after rivers, but what water means for us. Are we as a group able to find a language to describe our struggle? To manifest our love to nature, how can we invite the outsiders to join us - like in the mayan baptism-

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