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I arrived at Toronto the day of th Nuit blanche, a friend mentioned the opening of a exhibit, but I could not understand the name, my friends took me to a art center that had exhibits and performances all happening at once. Days after somebody else in the coffee shop mentioned this exhibit with the wired name as a MUST GO thing, my advisor also told me about it. Days latter, I was on the AGO, with in front of a wall that spells: ANTHROPOCENE. And I was able to put a word into what I was experiencing during my first weeks on a big city.

This multimedia exhibit shows the impact of the human domination of the planet. This interactive photography, film, video, exhibit is a collaboration between Eduard Burtynsky, Jenifer Baichwal and Niholas de Pencier. The autors found the beauty of the disaster of human impact in its scale, my breath got deep and I was introspectively thinking how are we cappable of this and what is wrong with us as a specie. I could notice that the some of the people was also having their internal dialogue, others seemed to have fun with the application and the interactivity of the exhibit.

Thoughts about CR. The galleries maybe are more accesible to people in Canada, but galleries in Costa Rica tend to be more elitists, to bring interactivity to the street exhibits it will be necesary to find economic sponsorship, and keep an eye on the equipment.

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