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Lecture, Kent Monkman

To meet with Deborah and John I waited on College and Young street for an hour waiting for the street bus #1, it never came so I decided to call an Uber to get there.

For my surprise, this lecture gather enough people to full the capacity of a theater, it was difficult to find sits. This reflects the interest about the work of this artist, the message found the right moment.

Kent Monkman works in multiple medias, film, installation, performance, painting all pointing at a painful passage of the canadian history, and constructing another story telling from the indigenous perspective. His narrative uses humor to talk about serious topics, and tease the conservative society.

I found very profound and inspiring the inner dialogue of the artist, asking himself questions about his work, his reasons, to whom, and how to build and improve his symbols.

I found an empowered artist, with the support of a creative team, with financing to realize his work, going deeper in his historic research, building a methodology to achieve perfection in his monumental work. Aplausos !!!

And I also learned that the Suttle #1 is not a street bus, it is the subway.

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