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Explorations: Etching / Xilografía

If I get lost, I always end up in China town, there is where I found a beautiful, old, small art suply store. And I felt home. Those places makes me think about possibilities.

The search took me to felt in love with a Tibetan, hand made, free trade paper, so I was looking for inks to draw on it, and there I found the basic equipment to do etching, that is another ilustration technique that requires presition and allows you to do -by hand- reproductions of your work. This could be perfect for the rivers fight ! I thought about making a serie of engravings of wildlife, and selling this copies as a way to raise funds to support the commites that are protecting the rivers in Costa Rica. All exited, like after having an epifany I arrived home, with my hands full supplies that costed me $200.

The first animal that came in mind was the Nutria, that is curently on danger of extintion and lives hapily in the rivers of the south. The hidroelectric companies excluded this mamal from the list of wildlife on the EISA (environmental asesment studys), to avoid problems and mitigation strategies with this protected specie. It is difficult to see on the nature, but it is somehow a symbol of the fight. So first I carved the Nutria, but then I thought that could be a good idea to put a hidro electric dam on the layout. I

I have several cuts in my hands, but I feel I found a tressure, also found a great collection of books on the library, so I will be exploring and learning about this technique.

The problem I am having is that I dont have a press, so I will see if I can have permissions to use the press on the printed media lab on the Fine arts Faculty. Or maybe find one that is on sale.

I feel very blessed and happy.

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