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The Conjunction

May 27th, 2021

The sea will never be the same, it is renewed with the flowing rivers carrying the songs of creatures that love each other in the night. Waters that -in their journey through eternity- gathered once to rise and fall at the edge of the inmensity. No wave is the same ... Unique are their height, intensity and sound.

Rounded by the loving fury of the waters, the rocks roll and moan under the foam. Long have been their grinding paths to one day gather.

Whispers rising subtle in the clouds ... below a blue line that stretches out on the horizon. Those waters will fall ... to green the valleys guarded by the old trees. Those clouds that float today, will never be repeated!

A ceiba traveled down the river, to the ocean and its medicine of fury and wear and tear. Is now laying in the sand, lighter every day; caressed by the sun, the moon and wind, changes every second.

I have walked a long journey to meet them, rounded by life in its storms and feasts. A blooming heart wides open on the mystery of the sea, sitting on the truck, with the feet on the granny stones. I wondered, What is eternal? The stone and the water! It seems. The tree and my bones, slowly will turn into dust.

Our conjunction is the shorter of all paths, It could never be repeated. The NOW shows as a perpetual set of miracles.


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